How to buy a perfect engagement Ring

How to buy a perfect engagement Ring

Our goal at EternalDia is to simplify the process of buying the perfect engagement ring. This guide will show you how to choose an ethically sourced engagement ring that she'll find absolutely stunning.

  1. Set a Budget: We believe that no rule should dictate the budget you set, but before selecting an engagement ring you should decide on a budget you feel comfortable with so that you can find your ideal option.
  2. Learn about the 4 C’s: Diamonds are the classic choice for an engagement ring. To find the right diamond for you, we recommend selecting a shape and then finding a balance between size and quality.
  3. Looking for coloured gemstones?: Sapphires, which come in every color of the rainbow, are an alluring alternative to diamonds. Emeralds, rubies, and semiprecious gemstones are also a distinctive choice. We'll show you what to look for when selecting one of these lively gems.

Shop By shape:

  1. Choose a setting: We offer a broad range of settings, but we’ll help you narrow down the options by taking into account the style preferences, lifestyle, and personality of your partner.
  2. Precious metal options: Platinum and gold are the most popular choices, but learn about your precious metals options before selecting the right metal for your engagement ring.
  3. Find her ring size: If you don't know your partner's ring size, that's no problem at all. We'll teach you a few simple tips and tricks that can help you figure it out.
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